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Illustrators Legacy Questionnaire

Dear colleagues,

We are calling all illustrators, cartoonists, comics creators, and related types of artists to fill out an Illustrators Legacy Questionnaire, which has been developed at Washington University’s Dowd Modern Graphic History Library, by historian of illustration Dr. Jaleen Grove with the illustration collections curator and staff, and Sam Fox School of Design faculty.

The project is designed to:

1) capture your career for posterity, and

2) provide solid data on contemporary practice.

Every year we get inquiries from people looking for information on long-gone illustrators, or ones in other countries, for whom there is sadly little reliable record...let’s stop this pattern of anonymity.  This questionnaire is a way for you to go permanently “on file” at our Dowd Modern Graphic History Library, where our mandate is to record and preserve illustration history for future generations.

Your answers will also help us understand the contemporary field better, how people have progressed through it over the last 50 years, and what challenges people have faced. It will also allow us to compare respondents by region, specialization, gender, and other useful demographics. We need enough answers to be statistically valid, so that we will have the most comprehensive data on contemporary practice available, which will be accessible for all non-profit researchers and associations to access.

Anybody anywhere in the world working as a commissioned or self-directed illustrator or cartoonist of any kind, even if only for a year, is invited to contribute.

It’s a long questionnaire because it’s thorough, so please give yourself a gift of time with a nice cup of something, to complete it with attention and reflection. Also, use a real computer, not a phone - the complexity of some of the interactive questions requires it.

Find the link here:

Questions may be directed to Jaleen Grove, PhD, .

The future thanks you!

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