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IMI Awards Past Winners

Past recipients of IMI Awards

Throughout the year a number of prestigious awards are given in recognition of a variety of achievements. All past award winners are listed here, including older awards that are no longer given.

Norman K. Harrison Medallists

1972 Julie Dorrington
University of Liverpool
Gabriel Donald
1973 Robert Whitley
University of Surrey
Robert Ollerenshaw
1974 Irene Prentice
University of Aberdeen
Peter Cull
1975 Ralph Marshall
University of Warwick
Patricia Turnbull
1976 Robert Loudon Brown
University of Bath
Patricia Turnbull
1977 David Tredinnick
University of Sheffield
Cynthia Clarke
1978 Ray Lunnon
University of York
Cynthia Clarke
1979 Nigel Pearce
University of Swansea
Robert Loudon Brown
1980 Richard Morton
University of Stirling
Robin Callender
1981 Garry Swann
University of Warwick
Ron Donovan
1982 Leslie Bowcock
University of Bath
Ray Lunnon
1983 Anthony Oxley
University of Warwick
Gabriel Donald
1984 Keith Duguid
University of Swansea
Peter Waldie
1985 Gillian Lee
University of Aberdeen
David Tredinnick
1986 Jane Shemilt
University of York
Cynthia Clarke
1987 Keith Harrison
University of Bath
Robert Gilder
1988 Gabriel Donald
University of Nottingham
Nigel Pearce
1989 Nicholas White
University of Swansea
Nigel Pearce
1990 Peter Cull
University of Bradford
Gillian Lee
1991 Robin Williams
University of East Anglia
Gillian Lee
1992 Ross Milligan
University of Leeds
Colin Hood
1993 Angus Robertson
University of St Andrews
Colin Hood
1994 Alex Herd
University of Keele
Simon Brown
1995 Peter Hansell
University of Warwick
Simon Brown
1996 Cedric Gilson
University of Canterbury
Daphne Lytton
1997 Carol Fleming
Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh
Daphne Lytton
1998 Jane Fallows
University of Warwick
Alex Herd
1999 William MacIntyre
Chesford Grange Hotel, Warwick
Alex Herd
2000 Phillip Dove
University of Cambridge
Martin Johns
2001 Geoffrey Gilbert
White Heart Hotel, Harrogate
Martin Johns
2002 Simon Brown
Mickleover Court Hotel, Derbyshire
Carol Fleming
2003 Martin Johns
Hilton Dunblane Hydro Hotel, Perthshire
Carol Fleming
2004 Andrew Johnson
Hilton West Pier Hotel, Brighton
Keith Bellamy
2005 Jane Tovey
Moat House Hotel, York
Keith Bellamy
2006 Keith Bellamy
Thistle Hotel, Cardiff
Jerry Nayler
2007 Kathy McFall
The Abbey Hotel, Redditch
Jerry Nayler
2008 Colin Hood
Marriott Hotel, Durham
Angus Robertson
2009 Hazel Herd
Westerwood Hotel, Cumbernauld
Angus Robertson
2010 Jerry Nayler
Crewe Hall Hotel, Crewe
Andrew Johnson
2011 Jill Bradbury
Theobalds Park, Cheshunt
Andrew Johnson
2012 Stephen Palmer
Marriot Hotel, Glasgow
Ross Milligan
2013 Craig Richardson
Marriot Hotel, Leicester
Ross Milligan
2014 Amy Lake Marriot Hotel, Bristol Jason Candlin
2015 Catherine Lamoon Renaissance, Manchester Jason Candlin
2016 David Bishop Golden Jubilee Hotel, Glasgow

Stephen Palmer

2017 Carly Dakin East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham

Stephen Palmer


Peter Cull Silver Medal

2013 Geoffrey Gilbert Ross Milligan
2015 Carol Fleming Jason Candlin
2017 Jeremy Nayler Stephen Palmer


Honorary Fellows of the Institute

1981 Peter Waldie
1982 Gabriel Donald and Peter Hansell
1984 Peter Cull and Robert Ollerenshaw
1985 Julie Dorrington
1986 David Tredinnick
1988 Ray Lunnon
1989 Nigel Pearce
1990 Charles P. Hodge and John P. Vetter
1991 Leslie Bowcock, Keith Duguid and Samir Wahdan
1992 Gillian Lee and Richard Morton
1994 Ray Lund
1998 Alex Herd and Ross Milligan
2000 Jeremy Nayler
2001 Patricia Archer
2002 Ron Irvine
2005 Garry Swann
2008 Julie Smith
2009 Geoffrey Gilbert, Ray Phillips and Angus Robertson
2013 Carol Fleming
2015 Hoosain Ebrahim and Paul Crompton

Fellows of the Institute

1977 Martin Johns
1982 Alison Rutherford and Kevin Fitzpatrick
1983 Carole Reeves
1985 Simon Brown
1987 A Robin Williams
1988 Angela Ellingford
1994 Jane Fallows and Lawrence Merin
2000 Kathy McFall
2001 Carol Fleming, Peter Grencis, Alex Herd, Ross Milligan and Angus Robertson
2002 Garry Swann
2004 Jane Tovey
2005 Marie Jones
2009 Alex Fraser and Hazel Herd

Institute of Medical Illustrators Awards

----IMI Platinum Award----
2004 Paul Crompton and Justin Still
2005 Amy Lake
2006 Garry Swann
2007 Nick White and Jessica Lewis
2008 Gordon McLeod
2009 Graham Newton
2010 Jerry Nayler
2011 Chris Tetley
2012   Nicky Goodfellow
2013  Simon Pase
2014  Joanne Culley 
2015 No Award
2016 David Bishop
2017 Lucy Francis
----IMI Gold Awards----
2004 Paul Crompton, Garry Swann, Justin Still, Maria Theodosiou
2005 Carly Betton, Amy Lake, Simon Edwards, Nicky Goodfellow,
ICHMedical Illustration
2006 Rakhee Bashar, Andrew Biggs, Paul Crompton,
Nick Geddes, Peter Grencis, Andrew Jackson,
Tom Kersey, Christina Knights, Amy Lake, Dee McLean,
Catherine O'Malley, Helen Rudd, DavidSmithson
2007 Melvin Bond, Nick Geddes, Helen Rudd, M. Claire Thompson
2008 Andrew Dakin, Richard Cooke, Stephen Moore, Gordon McLeod,
Mark Bartley, Rakhee Bashar
2009 Rakhee Bashar & David Bishop, Melvin Bond, Jon Chilton, Vicky Earle,
Graham Newton, Christopher Tetley, M. Claire Thompson, Nicola Treen,
Mick Wigglesworth
2010 Mark Bartley, Rakhee Bashar & David Bishop, Melvin Bond, Elaine Hanna &
David Bishop & Andrew Gardner, Jerry Nayler, Graham Newton,
Adrienne Ruddock, David Sayer, John Volcano, Derek Winkles
2011 Kim Baxter, Stacey Bone, Elaine Hanna & David Bishop, Elaine Hanna,
Mike Stockton, Chris Tetley

David Bishop, Joanna Culley, David Dickie, Anthony Edwards, Christine Goerner, 
Nicky Goodfellow, Vincent Harding, Zoe Kakiziba, Duncan Kempson, Bard Kjersem,
Paul Quinlan, Robert Salthouse, Sarah Sharps 

2013   Joanna Culley, Christine Goerner, Nicky Goodfellow, Vincent Harding, Graham Newton, Simon Pase, Emily Paterson, David Smithson and Vincent Harding, Christopher Tetley, Tommy Walsh.
2014 Mark Bartley, Joanne Culley, Simon Edwards, Vincent Harding, Simon Pase, A Emre Acar and Simon Pase, Simon Pase, A Emre Acar and Robert Grant, Abbey Staplehurst, Christopher Tetley, Tim Zoltie.

Kristian Bang, Kim Baxter, Alun Bevan, David Bishop, Joanna Culley, Christine Goerner, Robert Grant, Vincent Harding and Jo Webb, Simon Pase, Abbey Staplehurst, Tommy Walsh.


Giles Arbon, Steve Atherton, Debbie Banks, Belinda Colton, Joanna Culley, Robert Grant, Christine Goerner, Peter Murray, Susan Smart, Geraldine Thompson, Sarah Walton, Emily Wells, David Bishop


Jonathan France, Joanna Culley, Craig Richardson, Tommy Walsh, Lucy Francis, Laura Baxter, Marie Jones

----IMI Photographic Award (2010-2011)----
2010 John Volcano
2011 Nick Geddes
----Gabriel Donald Graphics Award----
2010 Elaine Hanna, David Bishop & Andrew Gardner
2011 James Farley
2012 Emma Hawke
2013   Inez Wait
2014 Miriam Waite
2015 Louise Ogilvie
2016 Jan Sharp
2017 Miriam Waite 
----John Corney Video Award----
2010 Jerry Nayler
2011 Paul Creasey & Katherine Grice
2012 Paul Quinlan 
2013   Sasha Andrews
2014 Catherine Lamoon
2015 Carl Rogers
2016 Belinda Colton
2017 Tim Zoltie
----Peter Kilshaw Student Award----
2010 Rachel Maloney
2011 Debbie Gordon
 2012  Jim Joyce 
2013   Katie Oakley
2014 Nicola Kelley
2015 Susan Smart
2016 Vanessa Shepherd
2017 Philippa Stiff & Meg Pearson
----Julie Dorrington New Voices Award----
2011 Jessica Oliver
 2012  Stephanie Rowe
2013  Jan Sharp 
2014 Anne Skilton
2015 Craig Harper
2016 Nicky Webster
2017 Laura Jackman
----IMI Affiliate Award----
2010 Ian Clarke
2011 Chris Barry
2012 Angela Chappell
2013 Sam Ira
2014 Angela Chappell
2015 Angela Chappell
2017 Albert Sim Ah Hiang

The Wellcome Trust Photographic Award

2006 Helen Rudd
2007 M. Claire Thompson
2008 Emma Wing
2009 M. Claire Thompson
2010 Melvin Bond
2011 Robert Ludlow
2012 John Volcano
2013 Sarah Sharps
2014 Meg Pearson, Mark Bartley
2015 Nicola Kelley, David Bishop
2016 Debbie Banks
2017 Craig Richardson

The IMI Special Recognition Award (established 2017)

Mike Nelson and Chris Priest



Journal Awards

Publisher’s Award (established 2002)

This award is sponsored by the publishers and therefore has experienced name changes over time originally introduced as the Taylor and Francis Award in 2002 changing to The Informa Healthcare Award in 2008 only to return to Taylor and Francis in 2015.

Any original article published between 1st September of the previous year and 30th August of the current year.

The winner is selected by past editors of the journal.

The Taylor & Francis Award (2002-2006)

2002 Jeremy Nayler
2003 Andrew Gardner
2004 Patricia Wright
2005 Michael Shapter
2006 Paul Crompton

 The Informa Healthcare Award

2008 Christopher Tetley & Steve Young
2009 SK Williams, LA Ellis & G Williams
2010 Rhys Gethin Thomas, Nigel William John & John Michael Delieu
2011 Paul Crompton, Richard Motley & Andrew Morris
2012 Bolette Jones
2013 Bård Kjersem & Jørgen Krohn
2014 Jørgen Krohn, Bård Kjersem & Gunnar Høvding

The Taylor & Francis Award

2015 Anni Skilton

The Peter Hansell Memorial Medal (established 2008)

Peter Hansell was the founding editor of Medical and Biological Illustration (now the Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine). He persuaded the British Medical Association to launch the Journal in 1951 and remained associated with it as Editor Emeritus until his death.

Ten Peter Hansell Medals were cast and are only awarded should a paper submitted by an IMI member to the journal be deemed to be of an outstanding quality.

Only IMI members are eligible to be considered for the award which is for an original article published between 1st September of the previous year and 30th August of the current year.

 The winner is selected by past editors of the journal and it is only awarded in the event that the judges feel a paper is of an outstanding quality.

2008 Christopher Tetley & Steve Young
2009 SK Williams, LA Ellis & G Williams
2010 No Award
2011 No Award
2012 Bolette Jones
2015 Anni Skilton


Most downloaded article (established 2014)

Any manuscript type published between 1st September of the previous year and 30th August of the current year.

The paper with the most average downloads per month (based on number of total views/number of months available to download).

The winner is selected based on statistics provided by production team.


Keith Duguid Best New Author Award (established in 2015)

The Editorial Board decided to introduce a new award to both encourage and celebrate new authors. It was originally planned to be called the ‘Editor’s Award’ as the honour of selecting the recipient is reserved solely for the Journal’s Editor.

Following the passing of Keith Duguid in March 2015 the Editor contacted IMI officers to ask if the award could be re-named in his honour and the ‘Keith Duguid New Author Award’ was born. Keith was Editor of the Journal under the title The Journal of Audiovisual Media in Medicine or JAMM for over ten years from 1981 to 1992 often providing advice and encouragement to new authors and also to those editors who followed and who will remain eternally grateful.

Only IMI members who are new authors are eligible to be considered for the award which is for an original article published between 1st September of the previous year and 30th August of the current year.

The winner is selected by the current editor of the journal.

2015 Adrian Wressell, Heidi Twaites, Stephen Taylor, Dan Hartland and Theo Gove-Humphries


Fuji BSc Award (2000-2006)

2000 Nicola Finan (Investigative Project) Sharon Sutherland (Overall Student)
2001 Claire Thompson (Investigative Project) Lisa Carlsson (Overall Student)
2002 Carolyn Bray (Investigative Project and Overall Student)
2003 Lucy Sadler (Investigative Project) Liam Carmichael (Overall Student)
2004 Nicola Goodfellow (Investigative Project and Overall Student)
2005 Tommy Walsh (Investigative Project and Overall Student)
2006 Karen Rose (Investigative Project and Overall Student)


Kodak Awards to IMI (1983-2000)

1983 Simon Brown
1984 Marian Hudson
1985 Nicholas C. White (Photographers) Anne Barrett (Artists)
1986 Peter Grencis (Photographers) William Stenstrom (Artists)
1987 Garry Swann (Photographers) Cynthia Clarke (Artists)
1988 Jane Shemilt (Photographers) Richard Neave (Artists)
1989 Peter Grencis (Photographers) Philip Wilson (Artists)
1990 Nicholas C. White (Photographers) Peter Cull (Artists)
1991 Garry Swann
1992 Garry Swann (Clinical photography)
Nichola Rowe (Non-clinical photography)
1993 Neil Harding (Clinical photography)
Jill Bradbury (Non-clinical photography)
1994 Lawrence Merin (Clinical photography)
Timothy Vernon (Non-clinical photography)
1995 Angela Hughes (Clinical photography)
Paul Crompton (Non-clinical photography)
1996 Stephen Bottoms (Clinical photography)
Timothy Vernon (Non-clinical photography)
1997 Angela Burden (Clinical photography)
Sarah Carr (Non-clinical photography)
1998 Stephen Bottoms (Clinical and non-clinical photography)
1999 Garry Swann (Clinical photography)
Bruce Mireylees (Non-clinical photography)
2000 Karen Guy (Clinical photography)

The Leeds Photovisual Awards (2001-2003)

2001 Paul Crompton (Clinical photography)
Stephen Bottoms (Non-clinical photography)
2002 Christopher Tetley (Clinical photography)
Jill Swanborough (Non-clinical photography)
2003 Graeme Ainslie (Clinical photography)
Stephen Bottoms (Non-clinical photography)

The Fuji Bursary (1989-1999)

1989 Simon Brown
1990 Jane Tovey
1991 No award
1992 Lesley McKeane
1993 Graeme Ainslie
1994 No award
1995 Paul England
1996 Carla Gomez-Castro
1997 Stephen Bottoms
1998 Julie Smith
1999 No award

The Calumet Award (1999-2001)

1999 Andrew Virco
2000 Andrew Virco
2001 Andrew Virco

The Apple Patient Information Award (2002-2003)

2002 Media Resources Centre, Cardiff
2003 Keith Daley


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