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IMI Scottish Board Elections Vote 2017

There is one vacancy for election to IMI’s Scottish Board (2017-2020) and you can now vote on-line from the IMI website. The deadline for doing this is Friday September 22nd 2017.

You will see a short biography of all three candidates.  You can only vote for one person.

The results of this election will be announced at IMI’s AGM on October 6th October 2017.


As I am new to the profession and recently graduated, I feel I would be a good fit to the board as a fresh pair of eyes with many ideas. This, I think would benefit the board greatly. My enthusiasm and determination will be apparent if I was to be chosen and I would hope I could make an impact on individuals in the future considering the profession.


I’ve been a clinical photographer and IMI member for 8 years.
I’m based in Paisley as part of the Greater Glasgow and Clyde team. I’ve moved about over the years and have previously worked with NHS Tayside and as a trainee with NHS Lothian.
My previous experience with IMI was as the student rep for IMI council 2010-2011. The role gave me the opportunity to visit the universities and meet my fellow students. I attended council and education team meetings and kept the student body informed.
I’m currently finishing off a BSc in Healthcare science with a focus on improving practise and developing service in Clinical photography.
I’m particularly interested in enhancing communication between the Scottish departments and as a member of the Scottish council I would aim to investigate ways to improve our networking and build a coherent Scottish medical illustration team.


Since I graduated in 2004, I have constantly strived to meet the highest professional standards and work with those around me to provide the best service to patients and colleagues. I have always been acutely aware of the importance of my role in a well functioning NHS and take these responsibilities very seriously. As an organisation that was developed to provide healthcare for the population, the role of Medical Illustration can significantly enhance the patient experience during what is often a very challenging episode for them.
Over the last 9 years within NHS Lanarkshire I have gained a wealth of experience, from general photography & graphics to specialising in Ophthalmology and Dermatology. I was heavily involved in a dermatology trial which resulted in being trained to work as part of the team along side the Trials nurses.
Within my department, I have garnered a reputation for challenging the status quo in the interest of service development and representing colleagues to ensure all voices are heard. It is this ability to represent my peers, allied with my experience within role and pursuit of excellence, that I feel makes me the ideal candidate to join the IMI Board.


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