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Notification of changes to Wellcome Images operating policies

Wellcome Images is a world class collection relating to biomedical science and clinical medicine and its history. The contemporary collection moved to Wellcome at the point that medical photography professional Julie Dorrington joined. Julie, in partnership with the Wellcome Images Team, expanded the collections over the last 25 years working closely with IMI member photography and illustration departments. The collection is widely recognised as the most comprehensive resource of clinical images in the UK if not Europe.  Wellcome currently maintains the collection and makes it available freely for teaching and research purposes and, in return for a fee for commercial use. Such commercial uses of images from the collection include use in publishing and broadcast media.

2017 will bring some changes to Wellcome Images that will alter how the image library works for contributors and users. The current Wellcome Images library will eventually become a part of the Wellcome Collection library. From April, Wellcome will discontinue the commercial licensing of images from the Wellcome Images collection. This means that we will no longer generate revenue from such activities and will cease sharing such revenue with contributors. This will enable the Wellcome Collection to focus on providing access to all of the resources it holds in as open a way as possible whilst remaining in accordance with our access policy in connection with clinical or other sensitive images.

 We wrote to all our contributors in early February and let them know of these changes; giving notice to this effect. All contributors have the option of licensing their images under a Creative Commons licence.  If they decide to do this, it will allow Wellcome to continue to provide access to those images.

The licences available are different to those Wellcome has  applied to clinical images in the past and are more in line with Wellcome’s aim to focus resources on providing open access to our image library. However, if a contributor decides to withdraw their images after April, those images will no longer be accessible to users.  We hope that many of our contributors will continue to allow access to their images. By summer 2017 we will have a better understanding of what images have permission to remain in our library.

The Wellcome Image Awards will continue and this year’s winners will be announced on 15th March 2017. We look forward to recognising and celebrating great images.  Exhibitions of the winners will open in Science Centres across the UK from 16 March and will be on display in the windows of Wellcome headquarters in Euston Road.  See for details.

If you are a contributor you should have received a letter, please get your response back to us a.s.a.p.

If you are a contributor but haven't received a letter or have any questions then please get in touch via

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Tel: 0207 837 2846
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Clinical photography, design and video in healthcare