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Advanced Lighting Workshop

When: Saturday 11th August 2018

Where: Square 1 Studio, Leigh, Surrey, United Kingdom RH2 8PA

Time: 9am – 5. 30pm

Cost: Non RPS Member £185/ RPS Member £135


This workshops is limited to 5 participants and will give the photographer a real experience of the pressures of setting up studio lighting and directing a model with limited time. By the end of the day you should feel confident with the skills you have gain to progress to doing this on your own.

Each photographer attending the workshop will choose a subject listed below. Tutor Jon Gray, will be assisting and advising you on setting up, positioning the lighting, choosing modifiers (attachments) taking exposures and directing the model.

A time slot will be allocated to each photographer including shooting time with the model.  Each photographer will also have a limited time to shoot each others sets.

Your Choice of Subjects:
Fashion, Beauty, Creative Editorial, Portrait or Hollywood (Black & White)  

Please let the RPS know which area you wish to photograph as soon as you have booked, this can be done via email to 

Time Slots:

9.30 – 10.45
11.00 – 12.15
12 .30 – 1.45
1.45 – 2.15 Lunch
2.30 – 3.45
4.00 – 5.15

All flash lighting and attachments will be supplied, including boom stands and backgrounds.  Jon will be on hand to help and advise each photographer.

Each subject will require you to decide on what lighting attachments (modifiers) would be suitable to achieve the desired effect. All sets will have a choice of black, grey or white backgrounds.

Simple Beauty portrait:
Attachments available: large and small soft box, beauty dish, grid light diffuser, strip grid boxes and grid dishes.

Hollywood style Beauty: 
Attachments available: large and small soft box, beauty dish, grid light diffuser, strip grid boxes and grid diffuser.

Editorial Fashion 
If you choose this subject area you can have a more creative approach to the choice of lighting modifiers and the styling of the model.

You will have to decide on what lighting attachments  (modifiers) would be  suitable to achieve the desired effect.

Attachments available: large and small soft box, beauty dish, grid light diffuser, strip grid boxes and grid dishes.

Lighting attachments (Modifiers) what they do and what they are used for.

  • Beauty Dish : Generally gives of a soft effect  suitable for beauty style lighting main light.
  • Large and Small Soft Box: Very similar effect to the beauty dish but gives off a flatter image also suitable for fashion.
  • Grid Light diffuser: This attachment is used as a main light suitable for more creative beauty style images harsher effect then a soft box and beauty dish.
  • Grid Strip Boxes: Suitable for Fashion full length and also lighting back grounds. lights a larger area!
  • Grid Dish Attachments: Mostly used for creating mood on the background and also can be used as a main light, it is much harsher effect and not recommended for beauty.

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