For those following a recognised training course. Students are entitled to all the benefits of membership, have full voting rights and can take part in all the Institute's activities at privileged rates.

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For individuals who have involvement or association with, or have an interest in Medical Illustration but who are not working towards one of our recognised qualifications.

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For those engaged in medical illustration and who hold a professional qualification approved by Council. Professional Members are entitled to use the letters MIMI after their name.

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For companies who wish to support the aims and activities of the Institute and the profession, or whose business activities include the supply of equipment, materials and services to the profession.

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Fellowship of
the Institute

Fellowship of the Institute recognises excellent abilities and skills and is its highest distinction of the Institute. Applications may be made by Members of the Institute with a minimum of 5 years’ post-qualification experience.

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Latest Articles

  • West Midlands Clinical Photographic Handbook
    West Midlands Clinical Photographic Handbook

    Added:22 March 2017

    A comprehensive photographic body atlas for clinical photographers has been produced by the Shrewsbury Group, a forum of senior medical illustrators from the West Midlands. The handbook aims to clearl…

  • National Bereavement Photography guidelines
    National Bereavement Photography guidelines

    Added:21 March 2017

    IMI are currently updating the National Bereavement Photography guidelines and wondered if you would mind taking some time to fill out a short questionnaire to inform us of what service you provide. A…

  • Notification of changes to Wellcome Images operating policies
    Notification of changes to Wellcome Images operating policies

    Added:13 March 2017

    2017 will bring some changes to Wellcome Images that will alter how the image library works for contributors and users. The current Wellcome Images library will eventually become a part of the Wellcome Collection library. From April, Wellcome will discontinue the commercial licensing of images from the Wellcome Images collection. This means that we will no longer generate revenue from such activities and will cease sharing such revenue with contributors. This will enable the Wellcome Collection to focus on providing access to all of the resources it holds in as open a way as possible whilst remaining in accordance with our access policy in connection with clinical or other sensitive images.

  • Regulation Announcement
    Regulation Announcement

    Added:21 February 2017

    The Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS) and the Committee for the Accreditation of Medical Illustration Practitioners (CAMIP) today announced that endorsement has been received from the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA) to extend the AHCS Accredited Register to include Medical Illustrators.

  • Call for papers Nottingham IMI Conference 2017
    Call for papers Nottingham IMI Conference 2017

    Added:17 February 2017

    Have you done anything really interesting this year? Have you been involved in a new project that others might like to hear about? Have you been doing something for a long time that others could learn from? If so come and share your experiences and expertise with us at the IMI Annual Conference at the East Midlands Conference Centre and Nottingham Orchard Hotel in October this year.

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